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Fitness & health Hello everyone, as you all know that on the very first day of the year everyone’s new resolution is made that from now on we will go to gym and do exercise and take care of our health.

But it never happens due to reason which many diseases comes in our body. so now we promise that we will take care of health

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Why is Fitness & Health is important?


Fitness & health is a necessary for our life. Its makes your life better.

Fitness & health is not just to look muscular. its actually means fit from the outside and inside like both mentally and emotionally strong and is also very important for a good life.

If someone is not caring mental health and emotional health then they have to face a lot of problems its may be stress can cause strokes, heart attacks, and more but if you want to avoid these problems so do fitness exercises for better health.

What Is The Best Way To Stay Healthy?


Well, it’s not complicated. If you following these lifestyle you can see your changes and your life will be better.

  • You should do exercise at least 40 minute a day.
  • Eat green vegetables for better health.
  • At least for good health, you should sleep 8 hours.
  • You should drink water at least 4 liters in a day.
  • stay avoid from junk food as much as possible.

Benefits Of Yoga

  • Yoga Improves Mental Health.
  • Yoga Improves Flexibility.
  • Yoga may reduce anxiety.
  • Yoga can improve your body balance.
  • Yoga may boost immunity.
Top 5 Best Exercises For Older People

1. Yoga
Yoga is best way to improve your fitness & health for old people because You can easily do this at home, you do not need to go out and it cures many diseases and relaxes you, to assist you sleep higher and additionally Yoga improves strength, balance and adaptability.

2. Walking
If you Walk in the park for at least one hour in the daily morning, this will enable you to have a longer life and you will also get good sleep, due to which your mind will also fresh and is also helps to loose your fat and improve your fitness & health.

3. Cycling
Cycling does not require any type of high level of skill and it is very easy to use, cycling boost your strength and stamina and its a decent muscle travail. sport uses all of the most important muscle teams as you pedal.

4. Running
Running is a purest one of the best healthiest exercise and is helps to develop your leg bones, improve cardiovascular fitness & health and helps to make a fit body.

5. Dancing
It doesn’t really matter what’s your age. Dancing helps to builds your strengthens your muscles, and improves your balance. It burns a lot of body fat because it gets you moving in all directions.

How can I fit without going to a gym?

1. Push-up
You can also do push-ups at home this is a chest exercise it helps to growth your chest, But for an average person, even 50 to 100 push-ups should be enough to maintain a good upper body.

2. Take advantage of free workout videos
Take a advantage of free workout videos, you can exercise anytime, anywhere without paying any charges you can access your exercises, fitness & health videos and it will help you to keep your body fit.

3. Walking
Walking is very important, to stay fit and you can walk in the park or if you are going out somewhere, then you avoid the vehicle and go for a walk. If you get bored while walking then you can invite your friends also for the walk and tell him how’s important it is to walk to stay fit.

4. Take the stairs
If you want to stay fit, do not use the elevator as much as you can, use the stars up and down again and again, this will improve your fitness & health and your health. Did you recognize that rise stairs burns additional calories per minute than jogging.

5. Do bodyweight exercises
You can carry heavy weights at home like a cylinder, similarly you can use any household item to lift heavy weights and it helps to grow your body muscle and you can also do home chest exercises.

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What are the most healthful foods?

Nuts, pulses, and grains


1. Almonds
Almonds provide plenty of nutrients and It will help you to improving your fitness & health.

A. Magnesium
B. Vitamin E
C. Iron
D. Calcium
E. Fiber
F. Riboflavin

2. Brazil nuts
Brazil nuts are some of the most healthful nuts and its improve your fitness & health.

they conjointly give smart amounts of sustenance B-1, vitamin E, magnesium, and zinc.

3. Lentils
A lentil may be a pulse that options conspicuously in several food cultures round the world, as well as those of India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, and Pakistan.

Lentils provide good amounts Source of fiber, magnesium, and potassium and it is good for your fitness & health.

4. Oatmeal
In 1997, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) united that foods with high levels of oatmeal or oat bran may embrace knowledge on the label regarding their vessel health edges as a part of an occasional fat diet. This semiconductor diode to a surge in oatmeal’s quality.

5. Wheat germ
Wheat germ is high in many important nutrients, including:

A. Fiber.
B. Vitamin E.
C. Folic acid.
D. Thiamin.
E. Zinc.
F. Magnesium.
G. Phosphorus.
H. Fatty alcohols.
E. Essential fatty acids.

Fruits, vegetables, and berries

6. Broccoli
Broccoli provides good amount Source of fiber, calcium, potassium, folate, and Phytonutrients are compounds that cut back the danger of developing cardiopathy, diabetes, and a few cancers.

7. Apples
Apples area unit a wonderful supply of antioxidants, that combat free radicals. Free radicals square measure damaging substances that the body generates. They cause undesirable changes within the body and will contribute to chronic conditions, similarly because the aging method.

8. Blueberries
Blueberries offer substantial amounts of fiber, antioxidants, and phytonutrients. not like minerals and vitamins, phytonutrients are not essential for survival. However, they’ll facilitate stop illness and maintain important bodily functions and it will improve your fitness & health.

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  2. There is much wisdom in the classic saying “mens sana in corpore sano” (a sound mind in a sound body) ~ IKIGAI
    It emphasises the importance of both the intellect and the body. Nowadays, everyone is racing for something or someone, and in the process, we are forgetting a crucial component of our lives, which is physical health.
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