India’s Most Haunted PlacesIndia’s Most Haunted Places

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Today we are going to talk about India’s most haunted places. All this information has been researched and taken from the internet and go there at your own risk.

1. Bhangarh Fort

India’s Most Haunted Places

Location: Tehsil, Gola ka baas, Rajgarh, Bhangarh, Rajasthan 301410

This fort established in 17th century in Rajasthan and it comes in India’s most haunted places. This fort is located in alwar region. It is considered so dangerous because even the archaeological survey of India has legally prohibited to entering the Bhangarh Fort after dark.

The legend of 16th century says that, a tantric named Singhia fell in love with Ratnavati, the beautiful princess of Bhangarh and he also know that it was a hopeless match but he decided to use his magic to seduce her.

However the queen or princess uncovered his plans and sentence him to death, so he did not do this thing with other girl or princess. Before the death of king, enraged by the turn of events, he cursed the palace to doom and the town to be roofless and unhappy forever.

Near people who lives their believe that anyone who goes into the fort at night won’t back from there, so visit at your own risk.

2. Kuldhara village

Top 10 India’s Most Haunted Places

Location: Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, India.

Rajasthan assured that they have the choicest selection of deserted ghostly villages and towns. So one of the ghostly villages is kuldhara village which is located near jaisalmer and was originally occupy by paliwal Brahmins and it comes in India’s most haunted places.

The legend speaks of the sudden disappearance of all the villagers who lives there of kuldhara as well as 83 peoples in other nearby villages in 1825, leaving no clue or trace of their whereabouts.

It is said that the minister of state had fall in love with a girl from the village and makes threats to impose huge taxes upon the entire village until he married to that girl.

To protect the respect of the girl, the chief of kuldhara and surrounding areas abandoned their villages and damned the land to remain unoccupied for eternity.

3. Dumas Beach

haunted place

Location: Gujrat

The Arabian Sea coast, the black sand of Dumas Beach in Gujarat has several mysteries over the several years and it comes in India’s most haunted places.

It is also said that the beach used to be a Hindu burial ground and many people believe that the restless spirits call out to visitors taking midnight strolls and waking towards the sea to return back to the sea shore.

And people also said that those who don’t heed the voices of the dead disappear into the water forever. The beach is definitely not for the small heart or faint hearted.

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4. Dow Hill, kurseong

India’s Most Haunted Places

Location: kurseong, Darjeeling

The Victoria Boy’s High school and Downhill Girl’s Boarding School in kurseong, Darjeeling and it comes in India’s most haunted places and here believed or feels the presence of many spirits whose footsteps can be heard echoing through the hallways.

There have been limitless or countless murdered bodies found in the wood which surrounds near the school and several locals and tourists says or report being followed by a headless boy who then disappears in the woods of the kurseong.

5. Dub Pukar

Location: West Bengal, Haldia

This place is located in West Bengal. This place is called India’s most haunted places because of the pond which is in the Haldia. Now a pond surrounded by modern buildings, which stills instill fear amongst the local people.

In early 18th century people says that, the midwife of the Royals of Mahishadal Rajbari was accused of witchcraft and devouring the children. Later on, she was tied and taken far away from Mahishadal into the deep forests on the banks of Haldia River and forcefully drowned in a pond and murdered her in a dark night.

From that day, every 25 years on the night of Bhoot Chaturdashi (the 14th day of Krishna Paksha), reports of a blood curdling scream from the pond are heard and a person who goes there to see what happens was always missing.

Later, on the morning of Diwali that body is found floating in the pond. This muddy pond is situated in Haldia Township which is associated in Dub Pukar.

6. Jatinga, Assam

India’s Most Haunted Places

Location: Assam

This tiny village which is associated in Assam with a population of 2500 and has one of the puzzling phenomena in the world, and the phenomena is known as recurring mass birds suicides and it comes in India’s Most Haunted Places.

For centuries now, local and migrating birds plummet to the ground in large numbers on moonless night of September and October only on specific area or place.

This incident confuses scientists and unable to find any reasonable justification for birds dropping dead from the sky in such a pattern and it is extremely danger to the people who lives there.

7. Raj Kiran Hotel

Haunted Places

Location: Lonavala

This hotel located in located and one of the most popular weekends gateways for Pune residence. Raj Kiran Hotel may be small in size but it is full of intrigue and it comes in India’s Most Haunted Places.

There are some rooms or you can say some particular room and area where guests have noticed or witnessed various paranormal incidents.

Jet-setters have faced their worst experience or fears when their bed sheets were pulled off forcefully at night or they woke up to an unexplained blue ray near the bed side. Because of this reason this hotel came in the list of India’s Most Haunted Place.

8. Agrasen ki Baoli

India’s Most Haunted Places

Location: New Delhi

This place is located in New Delhi which is also known as India’s Capital and it comes in India’s Most haunted Places. This intricately built ancient place in Delhi is an architectural masterpiece and is protected by ASI (Assistant of Sub-Inspector).

However, the local people believe it to be haunted by the ghosts and satanic demons that lurk in the shadows of the visitors who came for wander. Tourists have complained about their feeling and the feeling was an uncanny dread once they step inside.

9. Grand Paradi Towers

 Grand Paradi Towers

Location: Mumbai

This is the one of the first-rise building in Mumbai. The Grand Paradi Towers is in the list of India’s most haunted places because for the number of suicides that has taken place here (Around 30 suicides).

There is a particular apartment on the 8th floor of the building that remains close always, as many people still believe that it is still home of the spirits of deceased resident who refuse to move on.

The situation that believe you that this place is haunted is “Random knocks on the door, sounds of footsteps in unexpected places, at unexpected times and spine chilling screams” have led to the need for constant counseling sessions for the current Grand Paradi inhabitants.

There are more places in the case of scariness and India’s most haunted places and each of them have tragic and spine chilling stories. They have become popular because of their stories of ghost and spirits. If you ever go there, do take all the necessary precautions in that case and go there at your own risk.

10. Bombay High Court

Bombay High Court

Location: Bombay

The lawyers who work in the Bombay high court believe that one of the courtrooms is haunted by a vengeful tortured soul who restricts the entry of the accused in the courtroom in every murder trial.

Apparently this has been going on for almost three decades which is also known as historical place in Mumbai or India’s most haunted places.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. which is the India’s Most Haunted Places?

A. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Q. which state have India’s most haunted places?

A. Rajasthan

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