“Christmas” is a modernized version of the old English term “Cristes Maesse”, which refers the Mass of Christ. Christmas share his message of love, eternal life and forgiveness.

Christmas is the most important festival in the Christian community. It has also gained prominence in non-Christian communities.

Is Christmas a festival ?

Yes, Christmas is a festival the birth of Jesus Christ. It is celebrated annually on December 25 and is a religious celebration for billions of people all over the world.

The Christmas of today has transformed into a week-long celebration of family gatherings, nostalgia as well as charitable events and musical excursions. The Christmas season is a time for taking in the quaint traditions and delightful rituals. 

The spiritually uplifting holiday is not just a source of happiness to everyone across the globe, but also draws to the fold non-practicing Christians. Infused with the spirit of sharing, love and a sense of community, the Christmas celebration brings joy to everyone’s heart.

Christmas is celebrated in more than 160 countries by more than 2 billion people

What is the history of Christmas?

happy Christmas

The origins of Christmas originate from both pagan and Roman culture. The Romans actually had two celebrations during December. The first one was Saturnalia that was a two-week celebration that honored the goddess of the agricultural Saturn.

On the 25th of December they commemorated Mithra’s birth. Mithra the sun god. The celebrations were wild partying, with a lot of alcohol. In December, where the year’s darkest night occurs pagan societies lit candles and bonfires to keep the dark at low levels.

The Romans included this custom in their celebrations. As Christianity began to spread across Europe and beyond, the Christian clergy could not be able to stop pagan rituals and festivities.

Because nobody was aware of Jesus’s birth date and the customs were adapted by the clergy to incorporate the pagan ceremony into a celebration to mark Jesus’ birthday.

Christmas market value 2022 ?

The value of the global Christmas decorations and lights market was estimated to be worth 6.8 billion U.S. and this is how it goes on.

Many people celebrate Christmas around the globe. There are many things to look forward too, whether it is for religious reasons, family time, exchanging gifts, or just time off work. Decorations are a great way to express this holiday spirit and increase its enjoyment. 

Decorations such as lights, Christmas trees, and nativity scenes can create a festive mood at home, work, or anywhere else. In 2022, the global market for Christmas decorations (including lights and trees) was valued at more than seven billion U.S. Dollars.

The Principal supplier of Christmas decorations China was the largest exporter of Christmas decorations in 2021, and by a large margin. China actually made almost all of the Christmas decorations sold worldwide. 

Similar holds true for Exports of Christmas tree lights Although Cambodia made a good contribution, As expected, the main importers These products were mostly imported from Christian countries, with the U.S. leading the charge.

 All three countries were major importers, including the United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. The Nordic countries are a key part of Europe’s Christmas tree production and export. Denmark sent its trees All over the continent In 2021. 

The Danish Christmas tree exports to Germany were particularly high.

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How Christmas is celebrated around the world ?


The Christmas season is a blend of traditional rites and deeply felt emotions. Christmas is about the warm and intimate relationships with family, friends as well as all human bonds, and gives the hope of the future.

While making Christmas tree decorations, giving gifts, and singing carols for Christmas, it’s an opportunity to give and giving up. Amazing music, delicious food, gorgeous decorations soft lighting, and Christmas carols announce the arrival of Christmas.

The Christmas season is a time for people to let their imaginations in everything they decide to do to commemorate this holiday season. year. At Christmas, people send Christmas cards to express their wishes to each other a Merry Christmas. 

They create inspirational quotes and leave memories. Therefore, the process of shopping for gifts and making an attempt to deliver greeting cards is long before.

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The Christmas spirit is reflected in a variety of group activities , which include decorating, setting up lights making Christmas desserts, cakes and puddings and hanging a wreath singing Christmas carols and poems and planning a gathering, or a Christmas celebration. 

So, Christmas is a time for everyone to celebrate and enjoy the traditions of your family, get together with your relatives and invite them to Christmas lunch brunch or dinner. Christmas dinners include a delectable buffet of gourmet dishes with desserts and wines.

Children love hearing tales of Rudolph the Reindeer and the Santa Claus, snowman and Saint Nicholas who is known for his protection of children, sailors , and helping those in need.

Sometimes referred to as ‘Sinterklaas”, “Father Christmas’ and ‘PereNoel’ as well as “St. Nicholas The name of Santa Claus is a muse for all children. Assuring themselves of their belief the kids write for Santa about their greatest dreams.

Is Christmas celebrated in India ?

Christmas Celebrated in India

Yes, Christmas celebrated in India, Christianity is India’s third most popular religion with around 27.8 million , which makes the total 2.3 per cent of India’s total population according to the census of 2011.

One of the biggest Indian Christian Communities in a city is located in Mumbai. The majority of Christians who live in Mumbai comprise Roman Catholics. In India’s smallest state Goa located to the west coast of India approximately 26% of residents are Christians.

A large portion of Christians in Mumbai are from or are rooted in Goa. States like Manipur, Meghalaya, Nagaland and Mizoram (all located in the extreme east side of India) have large populations of Christians and also.

Midnight mass is an significant service in the lives of Christians in India particularly Catholics. All family members will go to the altar and this is followed by a large meal of delicacies from all over the world, (mostly curries) as well as the exchange and receiving of gifts. 

The churches located in India will be decorated in poinsettia candles and flowers to mark The Christmas Eve midnight Mass ceremony.

Is Christmas a national holiday in India ?

Yes, Christmas holiday in India is a gazette holiday. It celebrates the origin of Jesus. All the schools and offices remain closed on Christmas Day and the shops of those who are Christian also remain closed. However, not only Christians, people of other religions also celebrate Christmas together.

What is the best Christmas gift ?

Gifts do not always mean that give some material stick things, you spend quality time with someone, that is a gift. Someone is happy because of you during Christmas, that is a gift and those who need something, and you fulfill their need this is also a gift. The purpose of Christmas is to share happiness and be with your family.

Which country most celebrates Christmas.

1. Germany

In 2021 approximately 52.7 percent of population was Christians live in Germany

2. Poland

94.4% of the population Christians live in Poland

3. Russia

Christianity represented the religion of self-identification for 47.1 percent from the Russian populace in the year 2012.

4. Japan

1.9 million Christians live in Japan population of (1 percent).

5. Norway

4.7 million people are Christianity in Norway, Total percentage of Christianity is 84.7%.

6. China

 There are about 44 million Christians live in China, 5.1% of the total population.

7. Spain

As per reports, 68% of the population identified as Christians.

8. Brazil

Christians make up 64% of the total population in Brazil.

9. India

27.8 million people live in India, 2.3% of the total population.

10. Finland

3.81 million Christiaan people live in Finland.

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