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World Meteorological Day

World Meteorological Day is celebrated each year on the 23rd of March. This is a celebration that commemorates and recognizes the founding of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) which was established on this date in 1950. This WMO is a specialist institution of the United Nations that works to encourage global cooperation within the area of meteorology, hydrology, and related sciences.

Its theme for World Meteorological Day changes each year, with the focus being on a specific aspect of climate, weather, or water. This year’s theme is “Weather-ready and climate-smart: transforming the world.” The theme stresses that it’s important to prepare for extreme weather events, and the necessity to act in order to limit and adapt to climate change.

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World Meteorological Day 2023: History

The story of World Meteorological Day dates back to 1950 when it was the time that World Meteorological Organization (WMO) was founded. It is WMO a special institution of the United Nations that coordinates and fosters international cooperation in the fields of hydrology, meteorology as well as related science. 

Its primary goal is to facilitate the exchange of climate-related and weather information between member nations and encourage the growth of meteorological services across the world. To mark its foundation to mark its founding, the WMO declared the 23rd of March in 1961 as (WMD). In the beginning, World Meteorological Day was celebrated on the 23rd of March, 1961. 

From then on, the date is celebrated annually for WMO WMO as well as its members’ nations to raise awareness of how important meteorology is as well as the activities of the organization. Each year, a distinct theme is selected that focuses on a specific aspect of hydrology, meteorology, or other related science. The chosen theme is intended to bring awareness and knowledge of the subject and the significance it has for society.

In the past, (WMD) has been an important event for meteorological research institutions, as well as weather-related industries, to display their efforts, advertise their products, and interact with the general public. This day’s celebration is observed across the world by a variety of events, activities, and outreach programs, emphasizing the importance of climate and weather information for sustainable development as well as the well-being of society.

World Meteorological Day 2023: Theme

The theme of World Meteorological Day 2023 is ‘The Future of Weather, Climate and Water across Generations’.

Here are some past themes of World Meteorological Day:

  1. 2022 – Water and Climate Change
  2. 2021 – The ocean, our climate and weather
  3. 2020 – Climate and Water
  4. 2019 – The Sun, the Earth and the weather
  5. 2018 – Weather-ready, climate-smart
  6. 2017 – Understanding Clouds
  7. 2016 – Hotter, Drier, Wetter. Face the Future
  8. 2015 – Climate Knowledge for Climate Action
  9. 2014 – Weather and Climate: Engaging Youth
  10. 2013 – Watching the weather to protect life and property

Significance of World Meteorological Day 2023

World Meteorological Day is significant due to a variety of reasons:

1. Raising awareness: The day provides an opportunity to increase awareness of the significance of hydrology, meteorology and related science. The day promotes understanding among the public of the weather and climate-related issues as well as their impact on the society, and also the role played by meteorological services in protecting people and property.

2. Promoting cooperation: World Meteorological Day promotes international cooperation in meteorology. It facilitates the exchange of climate and weather-related information between members and the growth of meteorological services across the globe.

3. Showing Innovation Day of Innovation: This day offers an opportunity for meteorological organizations researchers, research institutes, and other related industries that deal with weather to display their work and showcase their products and services. It showcases the most recent innovations in weather forecasting monitoring, climate monitoring, and related areas.

4. Promoting sustainable development: (WMD) promotes the use of climate and weather-related information to promote sustainable development. It raises awareness of the necessity of mitigation and adaptation, risk reduction for disasters as well as other aspects related to weather as well as related climate phenomena.

In general, World Meteorological Day is an important event that emphasizes how important meteorology is as well as its contribution to security for the public and sustainable development as well as environmental protection.

What is World Meteorological Organisation 

The World Meteorological Organization (WMO) is a specialized branch within the United Nations (UN) that is responsible for encouraging collaboration between nations in the area of meteorology, hydrology and geophysical sciences related to them. It was created in 1950 to serve as an extension of the International Meteorological Organization, which was founded in 1873.

The WMO is located within Geneva, Switzerland and has 193 members, including territories and states. Its purpose is to facilitate international exchange of hydrological and meteorological information and data, encourage the standardization of meteorological and water-related measurements and observations, and facilitate research in these areas.

The organization provides a wide variety of activities and services in relation to climate, weather water and the environment including warning and weather forecasting systems as well as climate monitoring and assessment as well as disaster risk reduction. It also collaborates together with the other UN agencies along with national meteorological and water services, as well as the private sector to tackle the effects of climate change and encourage sustainable development.

World Meteorological Day Quotes 2023

  • “Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.” – Mark Twain
  • “Weather forecast for tonight: dark.” – George Carlin
  • “Climate change is not a far-off problem. It is happening now and is having very real consequences on people’s lives.” – Ban Ki-moon
  • “We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it.” – Barack Obama
  • “Meteorology is a science; good meteorology is an art!” – Ludwig Becker
  • “Climate change is no longer some far-off problem; it is happening here, it is happening now.” – Barack Obama
  • “The more we learn about climate change, the clearer it becomes that the problem is not physics but politics.” – Naomi Klein
  • “The best thing about the weather is that it’s always changing. The worst thing about the weather is that it’s always changing.” – Anonymous
  • “Climate change is not just a problem for the future, it is a problem for today.” – Jennifer Morgan
  • “Climate change is a global challenge that requires a global solution.” – Ban Ki-moon

Frequently Ask Question

Q. when is world meteorological day?

World Meteorological Day is celebrated annually on March 23rd.

Q. 23 march is celebrated as

(WMD) is celebrated each year on the 23rd of March. This is a celebration that commemorates and recognizes the founding of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) which was established on this date in 1950.

Q. Is world meteorological day and world climate day same?

NO, World Meteorological Day is a day to increase awareness about the impact of climate change and weather, and also to celebrate the work of meteorological associations as well as scientists from all over the world. There isn’t an formal “World Climate Day” but there are other international holidays and days that focus on climate change, and raising awareness and taking action to reduce and mitigate its effects.

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