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What is World Ngo Day 2023

World NGO Day is observed each year on February 27th, to highlight the vital role played by non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in making the world better. They play an essential role in promoting the welfare of society as well as protecting human rights and supporting sustainable development efforts across the globe.

The purpose of the day is to celebrate the work and accomplishments of non-governmental organizations in bringing about positive change as well as to motivate people and governments to help and cooperate with these organizations.

 The day also provides a platform for non-governmental organizations to showcase their efforts and work and also to network with one another to share ideas and the best methods.

World NGO Day was first held in 2014, and ever since it has evolved into an important global event with increasing numbers of NGOs and other supporters from around the world taking part in various events and activities to celebrate the day.

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History of World Ngo Day: 27 February

World NGO Day was established in 2010 by a group comprised of various international NGOs from diverse regions of the globe which included those from the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Poland, and Sweden. 

The first World NGO Day was celebrated in February, 2014 and since then has become an annual celebration. The goal is to increase awareness of the vital importance of NGOs in our society and encourage the public to work with and support the organisations. 

NGO’s work is in a range of fields, including human rights and health, social welfare, environmental protection, education and much more. Through the creation of a day to honor and recognize the work of NGOs those who organized World NGO Day hoped to bring awareness to the vital contribution these organizations can make as well as to create the culture of giving and volunteering around the globe.

Since its first year, has increased in importance increasing the number of groups and individuals joining to observe the day each year. It is a way for NGO’s to showcase their work and connect with one another and bring awareness to the important issues that affect communities all over the globe.

World Ngo Day 2023 Theme

World NGO Day 2023, as it has not been announced yet. However, in the past, World NGO Day has been celebrated with different themes each year to raise awareness about important issues related to the work of NGOs.

Here are some past themes of World NGO Day:

2021 – “Together for Change”

2020 – “Local to Global”

2019 – “Stories Behind the Impact”

2018 – “Impact in Action”

2017 – “Change the World”

2016 – “Speak Up – Move Forward”

2015 – “Citizen Participation in Development”

2014 – “Celebrate, Commemorate and Collaborate”

These themes highlight the important role of NGOs in creating positive change, promoting civic engagement, and advocating for human rights and social justice. They also emphasize the need for collaboration and partnership among NGOs, governments, and communities to address complex global challenges.

Significance of World Ngo Day 2023

world ngo day

World NGO Day is celebrated each year on February 27th to celebrate the contribution of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to society. These are organisations that promote the welfare of society, safeguard human rights, and make forward in various fields, such as education, health, environmental conservation as well as poverty alleviation.

The day is a celebration of the work of NGOs , and also raises the profile of their contribution to society. It also offers an occasion to celebrate the role of NGOs in advocating changes in society, promoting human rights, and helping to facilitate growth in different regions of the world.

The importance the significance of World NGO Day is to make people aware of the important contributions that NGOs make to society. We also urge individuals to take part in donating, volunteering and aiding the organizations.

 It’s also an opportunity to emphasize the need for ongoing assistance to the NGOs that are working towards creating a better future for everyone. In general, World NGO Day is an opportunity to celebrate and recognize the important work done by NGOs and their contribution to society.

World Ngo Day Quotes 2023

Here are some quotes for World NGO Day:

  1. “The power of an NGO lies in the trust of its stakeholders and the impact it creates in their lives.” – Babita Bisht
  2. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead
  3. “NGOs are the eyes and ears of society. They play an important role in promoting human rights, social justice, and environmental protection.” – Kumi Naidoo
  4. “NGOs are key partners in advancing sustainable development and improving the lives of millions of people around the world.” – Ban Ki-moon
  5. “The work of NGOs is not a choice, it is a responsibility.” – Ravi Karkara
  6. “NGOs are the conscience keepers of society, reminding us of our shared responsibility towards the most vulnerable.” – Dr. Balu Sankaran
  7. “NGOs are the catalysts for change in our society. They inspire hope and ignite passion in people.” – Dr. John S. Tamerin
  8. “NGOs are the bridge between the haves and have-nots. They create opportunities for those who need them the most.” – Dr. Vandana Shiva
  9. “NGOs are the heart and soul of our communities, working tirelessly to make our world a better place for everyone.” – Dr. Rajiv Shah
  10. “NGOs are the embodiment of hope. They prove that positive change is possible, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges.” – Dr. Alaa Murabit

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