yoga poses for kids

Trying different yoga poses for kids as a daily routine is a great way to induce calmness in children. Studies show that yoga practice can help children live a balanced and stress-free life. It is easy to learn yoga and you don’t have to be an expert to do it well.

To improve your concentration, encourage your children to make yoga a habit. Teaching yoga to children at an early age is a great idea. It will benefit their physical growth as well as their emotional and general well-being.

It helps children develop interpersonal relationships, stress control, mindfulness, and other skills that could be helpful in adulthood.

In today’s time, all the children keep playing games all the time and do not pay any attention to their fitness, they do not know how important fitness is in life. So in this blog we are telling you about Yoga Poses for Kids, which children will be able to stay fit.


1. The Tree – Vrikshasana

The Tree - Vrikshasana

Yoga poses for kids:

• Fix a point in front of you.
• Choose a leg and weigh on it.
• Grow like a tree.
• Bend the other leg.
• Put your foot on the rooted leg, as high as you can. on your ankle, your calf or your thigh but especially not on your knee.
• Your knee opens to the side.
• Join both hands in prayer, in front of your chest or towards the sky.
• Stay as long as you can and breathe.
• Lower your leg slowly, staying straight.
• Do the same with the other leg
Benefits: This pose strengthens balance and leg muscles. It brings calm and concentration.

2. The dancer – Natarajasana

Yoga poses for kids

Yoga poses for kids:

• Stand up straight.
• Fix a point in front of you.
• Take a breath.
• Put your weight on one foot.
• Lift your other foot and bring the heel towards the buttock.
• With your hand, grasp your foot or ankle.
• Gently lift it up, away from your chest.
• Balance yourself with your other arm extended forward.
• After 30-40 seconds, lower the leg slowly.
• Repeat with the other leg!
Benefits: strengthens balance, stretches the shoulders and chest, strengthens the legs and ankles.

3. Warrior 2- Virabhadrasana

Yoga poses for kids

Yoga poses for kids:

• Stand up, spread your legs, feet parallel.
• Fix a point in front of you.
• Extend your arms horizontally, palms down.
• Rotate your right foot 1/4 turn to the right.
• Bend your right knee, your knee stays over your foot.
• Keep your left leg straight, and your left foot flat.
• Your bust remains vertical and does not lean.
• Turn your head to the right and look far ahead of your right hand.
• Breathe slowly and deeply, without moving.
• Get back in place and do the same with the left leg.
Benefits: Strengthens balance, concentration and endurance, boosts self-confidence, stretches legs, neck and shoulders.


4. Seated Half Twist – Ardha Matsyendrasana

Yoga poses for kids

Yoga poses for kids:

• Relax on the mat then stretch out your legs.
• Bend your left leg and put your foot on the ground, on the other side of your right knee.
• Let your right knee bend naturally to the floor.
• Place your left hand on down on the ground
• Behind your put the right side of your hand onto your knee.
• Breathe quietly, letting your belly swell and empty like a balloon.
• With each breath, gently turn your head and shoulders to the left,
as if you wanted to look behind you.
• Do not force, go very slowly to just feel your spine.
Repeat this on the opposite side.
Benefits: stretches the spine, massages the back and stomach, soothes the brain

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5. Half lotus – Siddhasana

Half lotus - Siddhasana

Yoga poses for kids:

• Sit on the floor comfortably, and stretch your legs out in front of you.
• Relax your left leg and place your left foot on the left thigh.
• Lean your right leg to rest your left leg on the right thigh.
• Put your hands on your knees, facing the sky.
• You can join your thumb and index finger.
• Close your eyes, breathe calmly without forcing.
• Half-lotus: we do not have both feet placed on the thighs, one foot is simply placed under the thigh.
Benefits: helps to regain calm, learns to breathe.


6. The table – Bharmanasana

 The table - Bharmanasana

Yoga poses for kids:

• Get on all fours on a mat.
• Your hands flat, under your shoulders.
• Your knees under your hips.
• Your arms and thighs are straight, like the legs of a table.
• Your back is flat like the table.
• You can do two other postures from the table:
• The cat: as you exhale, arch your back and lower your head, chin in your neck.
• The dog: while inhaling, you raise your head and buttocks, your back hollows out.
Benefits: balances all the muscles of the body, masses and muscles the back, softens the spine.

7. Downward Facing Dog – Adho Mukha Svanasana

 Downward Facing Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana

Yoga poses for kids:

• Get on all fours on the mat.
• Knees aligned under the hips.
• Hands a little in front of the shoulders
• Raise the knees and push the buttocks upwards gently while exhaling
(tucks chin in) Look down at your feet and keep your head in your arms.
• Rest for a minute, breathing gently.
Benefits: stretches the back and spine, oxygenates the brain and relieves stress.

8. The side plank – Vasisthasana

The side plank - Vasisthasana

Yoga poses for kids:

• Start by performing the Downward Facing Dog pose and flatten yourself to the ground to make a straight plank with your body.
• Rock your body on the outside edge of your left foot.
• Put your right foot on the left foot, as if they were in the same shoe.
• Put your right hand on your right hip.
Turn your torso to the right
• The weight of your body is on your left foot and your left hand.
• The arm that carries you is (not) vertical under you, (but a little diagonal), like the leg of a table with •Your wrist on the same line as your shoulder.
(with your hand a little in front of your shoulder.)
• Straighten the other down to the sky.
• Align your body well in a single line from the heels to the head.
• Breathe calmly without moving, then come back on all fours.
• Repeat on the other side.
Benefits: Strengthens arms, legs and abs, works on alignment and balance.

9. Child – Balasana

Child - Balasana

Yoga poses for kids:

• Put your knees on the ground.
• Get into a ball and put your forehead on the ground.
• Rest your butt on the heels.
• Your knees move apart to accommodate your bust.
• Your arms can be placed in front of you, outstretched, to stretch.
• Then they can rest along your body, to relax you.
Breathe calmly and slowly.
Benefits: This posture is very relaxing, it gently stretches the back, the hips, it relieves stress and fatigue.


10. The Half Bridge – Ardha Setu Bandhasana

The Half Bridge - Ardha Setu Bandhasana

Yoga poses for kids:

• Lie down on the mat with your back straight and flat.
• Bend your knees.
• Place your feet flat on the floor.
• Press down on your feet and push your butt up.
• Keep your thighs and feet parallel but not close together.
• You can keep your arms along your body, palms against the ground.
• Or lay them up along your ears.
• Breathe calmly, without moving.
• Lower your chest slowly, starting with your upper back.
Benefits: promotes belly breathing, massages the organs of the belly, strengthens the lungs, relaxes the back

11. Candle – Sarvangasana

Candle - Sarvangasana

Yoga poses for kids:

• Lie on your back, flat and straight.
• Bring the knees towards the chest.
• Lift your pelvis and support it with your hands, elbows on the floor.
• Lift your legs up. They can stay bent. and above all look only towards the sky… do not be curious to look to the right or to the left because you could hurt your neck.
• Lower your candle by unrolling your spine slowly.
• Keep your head on the ground and control the descent with your abs.
Benefits: This posture muscles the abs and lower back. It circulates the blood well to the brain.

12. Plow – Halasana

Yoga poses for kids:

• Start by putting yourself in a candle (Sarvangasana posture).
• Gently lower your legs above your head, keeping them straight.
• Pose if you can with your feet on the ground and stretch your legs.
• Don’t force.
• Your neck should remain soft and relaxed.
• Rest for a few breaths.
• Slowly go up in candle.
• Lower your candle by unrolling your spine slowly.
Benefits: This posture calms the brain, reduces stress and stretches the neck and back.

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Frequently Ask Question

Q. What is the easiest yoga poses for kids?

A. The table – Bharmanasana and Half lotus – Siddhasana is the easiest yoga for kids.

Q. What is yoga for kids called?

A. Yoga for children

Q. How do you make yoga fun for kids?

A. Play the favorite song of the children, then get them done yoga, this will make the children feel like doing yoga too.

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